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Are you experiencing financial troubles that are keeping you awake at night? Do you wonder how you will ever be able to catch up with your unpaid bills? Is there a looming special occasion that you need to pay for but you simply do not have the funds? If any of these situations sound familiar, we have a financial solution that can help. At Blue Sage Title Loans, we specialize in helping consumers like you each and every day. Whether you are having financial troubles due to being out of work, because of unpaid bills, or due to some other reason, we may be able to approve you for a title loan that can provide you with the financial relief you need right now.

Title & Income

With vehicle title loans Dallas residents do not need to be concerned about their credit scores. You do not need to authorize us to check your credit. We know that many times, consumers have credit issues from a long time ago that can still haunt them today. With car title loans in Dallas, all you need to qualify for the loan you need is a vehicle title in your name and a steady source of income.

Speedy Loans

We also know that time can be of the essence when you have a dire financial need. That is why we offer speedy loan processing. Our online application allows you to apply whenever it is most convenient for you. We will begin processing your loan application right away. In most instances, we can provide a loan response right away and fund approved loans by the next day.

Streamlined Application

There is no need to complete an extensive amount of paperwork with our streamlined application process. We believe in making the process as simple and straight-forward as possible. Furthermore, you do not need to have a job to be approved for a title loan. If you need a loan because you are currently without a job, then our title loan solution could be the right option for your needs.


To begin your application, you will need to supply your name as well as a contact telephone number where we can reach you. After you have completed your application, we will send you a customized loan estimate based on the value of your vehicle. To create this estimate for you, we will need some information about your vehicle. This includes the vehicle make and model. We will also need the number of miles currently on your vehicle. With a motor vehicle loan, you can obtain a loan on a variety of different vehicle types. We can even grant loans for recreational vehicles and motorcycles.


At Blue Sage Title Loans, we understand what it can be like when you have financial problems. It can take over your entire life and affect your performance at work as well as family relationships. Our goal is to help you relieve that financial problems by offering a hassle-free title loan. We make our customers our top priority.

When applying for car title loans Dallas residents should make sure they understand certain legal requirements that apply to title loans. Due to state law, we cannot approve title loans for anyone who has not yet reached the age of 18. We are also legally required to verify that you do not have any other outstanding loans or liens against the vehicle title you plan to use to secure your loan. Finally, the vehicle title must be in your name.

If you are worried that you will need to give up your vehicle while you are paying off your loan, you have no reason to be worried. We understand that you need your vehicle. You do not have to be concerned about your vehicle being taken while you are paying off your loan. Continue to make timely payments and there will be no concerns.

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How it Works

During the application process for an auto title loan Dallas residents can obtain the money they need quickly by using the title to their vehicle as security for their loan. Car title loans in Dallas provide a tremendous amount of flexibility. For instance, if you would like to pay off the balance of your loan prior to the end of the loan term, you may do so. At Blue Sage Title Loans, we do not charge any penalties if you pay off your loan early.

We also understand that you may need a little extra time to pay off your loan. Perhaps you are running short of cash, have been laid off from your job, or have some other emergency. Whatever the situation may be, if you need to refinance your loan, that may be an option. Should you realize that you are experiencing difficulty in making your loan payment, we encourage you to get in touch with us as quickly as possible to ask about restructuring or refinancing your loan.

When applying for title loans Dallas residents also have the opportunity to use their loan money for whatever purpose they desire. We do not place any restrictions on how loan funds may be used. Among the most common reasons for applying for a title loan include needing to catch up on bills, make necessary home improvements or vehicle repairs, pay for medical expenses, or some other emergency expense. Even so, we do not ask questions about how you plan to use your loan.

To be approved for a title loan, you will need to show that you have some regular form of income. We do not require you to prove employment. You only need to demonstrate that you receive some type of income that can be used for making your loan payments. This could include:

  • Workers’ Comp Payments
  • Unemployment Payments
  • Social Security Benefits
  • Disability Benefits
  • Alimony
  • Child Support